Wedding Thank You Card - Etiquette

The joy of a new engagement brings many parties along with gifts celebrating the occasion. It is always a thoughtful gesture to send a Thank You card for to share your joy for their token of support and love. While doing so, you’ll also need to keep in mind that another round of Thank You cards will need to go out AFTER the wedding. Here’s a quick step by step to make those TYs much easier on you!

*Note: I do not recommend ordering your Wedding Day TY Cards at the same time as your Wedding Invitations. Although you anticipate to receive gifts for everyone, the fact is, you won’t. Order your cards AFTER the wedding and add 10-20 additional “just in case.” This will save you some money on your stationery budget.

01 | Who do you need to Thank?
Thank You cards will need to go out to any of the following:

  • Any hosts of parties: engagements, bridal showers, couple showers, rehearsals, etc

  • Anyone who’s given you a gift

  • Bridal Party

  • Officiants

  • Wedding Vendors

  • Parents

  • Anyone who did a favor for you or offered to run an errand

  • Anyone who financially contributed to your wedding

02 | Ordering Thank You Cards
While your TY cards do not have to be elaborate as your Wedding Stationery Suite, I do recommend ordering something personalized. A note of advice: order stationery with your name or initials and nix the traditional “Thank You” line. These note cards can be used months and years after your wedding for other events that deserve a small token of appreciation.

03 | What to write
Always address the gift-giver by name as well as mention the gift you received. Talk about how that gift will help you or how much you love it (even if you don’t!)

04 | When to send
According to Emily Post etiquette, the appropriate time to send a TY is no later than 3 months after the event has taken place. In general, it is best to send your thank-you notes in a timely manner, ideally as soon as possible after you receive the gift.