The Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation Suite

As if picking out #wedding details wasn’t trying enough, seeing paper goods always throws a wrench in the game! While stationery serves as a sneak peek into your Big Day, the pieces and parts also have a meaning behind them as well as serves a purpose.

So what is the anatomy of a wedding invitation suite? See my guide below to help you navigate the wedding paperie world!

1. The Invitation

The most important piece of your stationery ensemble, the invitation serves the main purpose of giving your guests the details for the Big Day: the who, what, when and where.

2. The RSVP/Response Card

The response card is an insert that your guests will return to you letting you know if they will be in attendance.

Here’s whats often included on the RSVP:

  • M line: The M line can be a mystery to some guests. The ‘M’ simply stands for a person’s title (Mr., Miss, Mrs.).

  • Accept or Decline: This is one of the most important parts of the response card.

  • How many are coming: When inviting entire families, it’s often important to know how many adults and children will be attending. Sometimes people will say “_ of _ guests attending” and the couple will fill out the second box before sending out the invites in order to limit how many people can accept.

  • Meal choice: It’s important to differentiate between individual guests’ dining preferences by asking them to initial an entrée choice for each guest rather than just putting a number in the box. While most #SouthernWeddings do not have seated dinners, some Northern Weddings still have this tradition.

  • RSVP by date: Make sure it’s clear to your guests when they need to return their response cards by. These cards will need to be addressed back to you before you mail them, and it is etiquette for the bride and groom to pre-stamp the envelope/postcard to cover postage costs.

3. Additional Inserts: Details Card, Accomodations, Reception, etc

These additional inserts offer guest invaluable information should you need to keep them informed. More modern brides opt for a wedding website, so having a small insert directing your guests to this web address is a great idea.

These cards can include a map to the venue, information regarding hotel blocks, details regarding a cocktail hour, or directions to the reception hall if seperate from your ceremony venue.

4. All the extras

Suite enhancements such as belly bands, wax seals, vellum wraps, etc offer a small luxury to make your invitation suite “pop” to your guests! Suite Enhancements are mainly for aesthetic purposes, but can also be useful. Belly bands are often used to secure the multiple card pieces together so they stay neatly stacked for your guests.