Top Postage Tips for Wedding Stationery Suite

Not that you’ve got your Anatomy of an Invitation Suite and the Assembly down pat, it’s time to mail those bad boys! See our top postage tips to avoid any delay in mailing!

  1. Refer to our Assemby of Your Wedding Invitation Suite to be sure you’ve assembled the invitations correctly.

  2. Place a stamp on the RSVP envelope/post card: You don't want your guests to drop their RSVP envelopes in the mail without a stamp or to make them pay for postage to RSVP to your event.

  3. Weigh the assembled invitation suite: Before you mail your wedding invitations, ask the post office to weigh a fully assembled envelope so you know exactly how many stamps you'll need. This step may sound tedious, but the alternative could mean invites returned for insufficient postage. Enclosures typically increase postage, so keep that in mind when you're deciding on including maps or reception cards and the type of paper they're printed on.

  4. Hand Cancelling: Machines at mail centers can only process certain envelope shapes and sizes—generally rectangles that are a minimum of 3.5 by 5 inches to a maximum of 6.125 by 11.5 inches. If your envelope is an odd shape, like a square or larger sized rectangle, even if it falls within those dimensions, you may end up paying a 20 cent non-machinable fee per envelope. In most cases, hand-cancelling is free, but check with your local post office first to make sure they have a hand stamp. The big caveat: Most post offices try to keep hand-canceled mail separate from regular mail, but there's no guarantee your invitations won't also go through the processing machines. Hand-cancelling also helps save any sort of wax seal you may apply as well as keep the envelopes (and addresses) in tact.

  5. Send those pretties off: be sure to mail your invitations no later than 8 weeks prior to your Big Day.