2019 Wedding Stationery Trends

Wedding trends evolve year after year and those trends transfer to wedding stationery suites as well. 2019 is going to be an amazing trend-setting year!

2019 TRENDS:

Coral Everything

Pantone has announced it's Color of the Year for 2019. A bright, sunny, pinky-orange named 'Living Coral'. ACoral is a fantastic tone to incorporate into a sunny summer wedding via everything from coral flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, makeup and overall color schemes.

Bigger + Bolder Invitations

Per The Knot, “the bigger and more unique the better—whether it's boxed correspondence or a video message from the to-be-weds, invitations set the stage for an epic party. Typography is leading the charge as the chicest design detail, and illustrations of nontraditional venues (remote campsite, historic house and more) continue to trend. “

Vellum…all things Vellum

These sheer-paper accents are a definite must-have for 2019. Expect to see other unique mediums, like leather, suede, acrylic, and even gold leafing, they add.

Custom Illustrations

This often entails hiring a local artist to render some part of your big day This artwork that might first appear on a save-the-date telling the story of the couple's relationship may reappear on the invitation, on linen napkins, or even on a band backdrop. Be sure to check out my most popular Venue Illustrations in Louisiana!


The key to this trend is a simple color palette with two or three colors and clean lines. Utilizing florals that have more architectural shapes and incorporating natural elements like wood tones, stone, and marble.