Wedding Invitations: Guest Addressing

One of the most asked questions I get always pertains to the proper way to address wedding invitation envelopes!

Use these simple rules and your envelopes will be perfectly addressed.

  • All text should be in upper and lowercase letters, including names of countries.

  • All titles such as Mr. and Mrs. should be included, or you can specify that no titles will be used.

  • Only use the names to be included on the envelope.

  • Spell out all postal abbreviations such as "Post Office Box", "Street", "Lane" and "Boulevard".

  • Spell out States and Countries.

  • Use "Apartment" not "Apartment #" since this is redundant. Use "Apartment", "Number", "Unit" or "Suite".

  • For unmarried couples that live in the same household, separate the names with a comma without the word "and".

  • Married couples with different last names go on the same line with "and" before the second name.

  • "Dr." can be spelled out to "Doctor" for medical doctors if desired.

  • If you are using Outer Envelopes only: Put "and Guest" or "and Family" on Outer Envelope Names + Salutations. Children’s names are written on the outer envelope below the names of their parents.

  • The Inner Envelope: The inner envelope bears the title and last names of the specific people invited. This allows the host to be very clear about who is invited, and by omission, who is not invited. If children are invited but are not receiving a separate invitation, their names should be written on a line below their parents’ names on the inner envelope. It’s also fine to write familiar names for close family: Aunt Martha and Uncle Bill.