Modern & Vintage Postage

Modern and Vintage Postage

Let’s talk postage!  Vintage postage offers not only a nostalgic look but an ethereal feel to your invitation suite.  It can also add a more custom aspect as you can pick and choose certain designs that compliment your stationery set.

There are many pros and cons to using Vintage stamps with the main one being price.  


  • Cost.  Because vintage postage is, well vintage, it is not priced at face value, often times 3-5 times more than that.  

  • Limits on quantity.  Oftentimes you’ll need to source from various vendors in order to acquire the correct quantity you need for your invitations.  Say you need 150 Audrey Hepburn stamps, one vendor may only have 20 whereas another could have 50.

  • Curation.  Because vintage postage has different face values based on the time is was minted and put in production, the face value fluctuates.  You’ll need to be sure to have the correct amount equal to the current postage rate with the USPS.

    • Example:  Today’s USPS rate for a 1oz letter is $0.55.  In order to accommodate the $0.55 rate, I’d need to purchase postage that equals that amount.  In the example below, I have: 1 - Mississippi Statehood Stamps at 5 cents, 1 Flowering Tree Stamp at 32 cents, 1 Plant for more Beautiful America Stamp at 5 cents, and 1 Sound Recording Stamp at 13 cents each.

Photo Courtesy of  The Little Postage House

Photo Courtesy of The Little Postage House



  • Custom.  Vintage stamps can be curated to match not only your wedding theme but also your wedding color scheme.

  • Aesthetic.  The vintage aspect of the postage con lend a very bespoke look and feel to your suite and add that extra touch of luxury.

Today’s Forever stamps are the least expensive, less time consuming to curate, and quite beautiful.  Consider looking online and not just in your local post office. often carries stamps you wouldn't find in your local post office. Some are very quirky, and some are classy and refined. They almost always have a love-themed stamp, which is great for invitations.  My current favorite is the Celebration Boutonniere Stamp!