The Story Behind InvitoBella

I’ve always been on the creative side, whether doodling on my notebooks in class or the occasional craft project. I’d lock myself in my room for hours and sketch, however “artist” was never on my list of things to be “when I grow up.” I wanted to be a doctor or a marine biologist - like every other kid.

As life went on, interests evolved, kids came into the picture, I started to dive into my creative side a bit more but with graphic design. The summer of 2011, when my youngest turned 2, my sister in law and I decided to host a joint birthday party for our two little ones with a “Mermaids and Pirates” theme. After endless Etsy searches at the beginning of its conception, I realized this is something I may have to create myself. So after purchasing the clip art on Etsy, I created the invitation on my own….and guess what? I loved it - from the design process to the finished product!

Several friends asked where I purchased the cute invitation, and I told them I made it on my own. Requests started to come in and I eventually turned the invitation designing into a side hobby-business, selling digital files on Etsy.

I’m often asked where the name “InvitoBella” came from. Long story short, I wanted to include something with my Italian heritage, the word invitation or stationery, and wanted to it be different. InvitoBella loosely translates to “Beautiful Invitation” in Italian. The correct translation should technically be “invito bello,” but I wanted to the idea of the invitation to be both masculine and feminine and thus changed “bello” to “bella.”

Slowly my business evolved, with my first wedding in 2013. I dove into learning more about print processes, print fulfillment, and eventually InvitoBella became a full fledged small business.

In 2019, I decided to focus my art solely on Wedding Stationery as I found the most joy in creating a piece of someone’s love story. I’ve worked with some of the most gorgeous and humble couples, amazingly talented wedding planners, and a plethora of creative photographers.

Also this same year, I opened my design studio, officially taking InvitoBella out the “home based” business category! I love the direction InvitoBella is headed in and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

The Story Behind InvitoBella