My Client Experience

Wedding planning is probably the most stressful event you’ll plan for, with a few exceptions.  Trust me, I get it. I planned my own wedding and, although it was a small affair, I was sure I wanted to pull my hair out the closer we got the wedding date.

I like to think I make my clients a little bit more at ease with the stationery portion of the planning checklist.  It’s my job to make this part the most seamless and easiest experience there is. Here’s my step by step Client Experience and what you can expect when hiring me as your Wedding Stationery Designer:

The Bespoke Process:

  1. Let’s get to know one another.  The best way to provide me the details (not just the who, but the what of your needs) is to complete my Questionnaire.  The questionnaire not only serves as a Get to Know You but also helps me in presenting you with the best print processes and paper types for not only your style but your budget.

  2. Design Consultation.  The good thing about living in the 21st century is the ability to have design consultations from the comfort of your own home if your aren’t local to Hammond, Louisiana.  I offer a small Consultation Kit with samples of the print process and paper types as well as a Stationery Guide, so that we can discuss the major details over the phone. The best way to make a decision is to really feel the paper in your hands.

  3. Proposal and Client Agreement.  The next step is to fully review your custom proposal.  This is the not so fun part, and I understand! Let’s weed through what works for you and what doesn’t, add on any fun details, and stay within your budget.  I am happy to work with you until we get this part just right. Once we’ve established your pieces and parts, simply sign your Client Agreement and remit your 50% retainer.  The Client Agreement is the sch-mancy legal document that just states our obligations to you and yours to me. It’s pretty simple and is great C.Y.A. for us both!

  4. Now that we’ve gotten through the tough parts, the fun part begins!  Once you’ve gone through step 3 above, a Wording Questionnaire will be sent to you.  This is where you tell me how you want your invitation to read to your guests. It’s a very simple and easy to use form that walks you through each component in your suite.  

  5. During our Design Consultation, we discussed your design desires and your inspiration.  Since I start with a blank canvas, I’ll provide you with 2-3 design concepts should we not have a clear direction.  The design concepts are simply that, a concept of the design we will create. Once you review these concepts, we can mix, merge, nix and add on until it’s 100% filled to the brim with you and your fiance’s personalities.

  6. Pinterest Board. As part of the design process and discovery, I’ll create a Pinterest specific for you. You’ll receive your link invite via email. Here I’ll pin colors and fonts as well as inspiration for your suite. I ask that you pin to this board also to help guide me in your vision. This board is secret and only for you and I!

  7. Client Portal. I pride myself on having open forms of communication which is why my pricing always includes unlimited emails, texts and phone calls to one another. I’m also happy to say that each client has their own online based Client Portal where all Invoices, Proofs, Questionnaires and Client Agreements are stored as well as a communication chat forum (our emails back and forth.)

  8. Balance and Printing.  After you’ve submitted your final proof approval and paid your balance, I’ll send your work of art to the printer to bring that beauty to life.  This is my favorite part of the process - to see the time and effort come to life.

  9. If you’ve included Addressing and/or Mailing Services, I’ll artfully print your guest addresses for you, stuff your beauties and apply the applicable postage.  Then I get the pleasure of delivering them to the post office for the final trek to your family and friends. All of the remaining pieces will be sent directly to you!

It is my absolute pleasure working with each couple and getting to know not only about you but more about your love story.  Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life in that story, and I like to think of the wedding stationery as the Prologue to that story - the introduction of your story to your friends and family!

My Client Experience