Why I decided to start a new hobby and the courses I used!

Why I decided to start a new hobby and the online courses I used!

I decided to start a new hobby this past Summer. One that is only for me, and an outlet to release some pent up creative energy. I honestly went in to this thinking I'd create something worthy of a kindergarten art class and pleasantly surprised myself. I'm no #picasso but I think did "ok" for only having picked up a watercolor paint brush about an hour before this composition was completed...for the first time ever.


Courses I’ve Taken and had Success With:

  • Holly Anna Calligraphy’s Watercolor Course was so easy to use. Having NEVER picked up a paint brush, I was painting a full composition within two hours. The course comes with an optional kit that contains all the supplies needed to get started (at pretty exceptional price!). Between the kit having everything I needed and Holly's clear tutorial, I was ready to dive in! Holly clearly explains all of her favorite tools and how to use them along with concise instruction on strokes and painting techniques...all packaged in a 30 minute course! If you're looking to learn watercolor, whether as a hobby or a new venture, check out Holly's course!

  • Watercolor Illustration: Developing a Wedding Brand Suite by Carolyn Wideman taught me how to digitize my artwork with my IPHONE!! Can you believe it? My iphone and not a fancy scanner! Carolyn also explained how to created a hero artwork with complementary pieces to tie the suite together.

  • Ana Victoria Calderón’s A Guide to Watercolor Paints and Brands was truly a lifesaver when it came to understanding which supplies and materials were needed. She thoroughly explains the different mediums of watercolor paints: Tube, Pans, Liquids, Neons, Metallics and Handmade colors. She also briefly describes the brushes and papers that work best!

There are a pleothera of online courses to take but I am partial to Skillshare. If you’d like to try Skillshare for two months FREE, click the link below!

My favorite watercolor supplies: