Choosing Your Stationery Color Scheme

Choosing your stationery color scheme

Your color palette is the starting point for the overall look and feel of your Wedding Day.  Those colors should transfer in a cohesive way to your wedding stationery as well. By playing up and including these shades on your paper, you’ll give your guests a sneak peek of what’s to come!

Think of your color palette as an extension of you and your fiance’s personal style but also being mindful of the season, the venue and other details of the big day can influence your final choices.

Base Color

Start the process by deciding on a Base Color.  Your base color will be the one that’s predominantly seen throughout your wedding and planning.  By building on to the base color and adding complementary colors, your building your overall palette.  Your accents can be bold or monotone but keep mind to keep them complementary to each other.

What are complementary colors?  Complementary colors are pairs of colors which pair well with one another on a color chart.  This is a great example and tool to see various shades together instead of your standard primary color wheel.  The colors opposite one another are considered “complementary colors.”


Color Wheel Source: Closer to My Heart


Wedding Season

Consider the time of year you are getting married in.  Warmer hues like Claret and Black tend to lend themselves to colder months (November, December) while the cooler shades like Sage and Blush are more warmer month colors.  

Venue and Location

If your venue is more rustic with dark woods and grains, complementary colors would be more cohesive to the surroundings then say a bright teal, whereas a tented venue with a blank slate could give your more leeway in terms of color.

Your Wedding Style & Theme

Keep in mind your overall theme when choosing your colors.  A Gatsby inspired wedding wouldn’t do well with teal or fuchsia accents, or a beach theme with Marsala and reds.

Your overall color scheme is a big decision when planning a wedding as it not only plays a role in the floral pieces but also in all the accessories involved.  Be mindful of the time of year, the location and your overarching style when choosing. But also BE YOU!