"It's only paper!"

There’s no denying that wedding invitations are an essential part of the big day. They are an extremely important part of getting the details to your guests and your guests to the event. Although every couple understands the importance, most don’t understand the expense associated with the paper products.

Its only paper

“So, why are your invitations so expensive? It’s just paper!?”

Yes, it is paper. But it’s paper that is an heirloom, one of a kind creation for one of the grandest events in your life. While scourging Etsy and Minted, you may encounter sticker shock when receiving a quote from a custom stationer. So, why the hefty price tag?

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s involved for custom Wedding Stationery Designers, and what you’re receiving from us:

  • First and foremost, you’re receiving a custom design. And even if your stationer may use elements in other designs, I can assure you, no other couple will have the same invitation as you. For this customized work, a Design Fee is often included in the price of your suite. The Design Fee not only covers the design itself, but for our time for consultations, design time, file setups, correspondence with you, print and production, among a giant list of other daily tasks associated with the production of your suite.

  • Our knowledge of all things paper and wedding invitation etiquette. We are experts in our field as a doctor is of theirs. We know the trends, ins and outs, paper types, print processes, etiquette, etc, because it’s our job. The time it has taken us to educate ourselves and the length of time we’ve been in business is a testament to our fees.

  • Our designs are our art and therefore, you’re receiving that piece of art. Art is a process - both mentally and physically. While each stationer, and artist, has a method to their madness, these methods take time and our time has to be compensated.

  • As a part of my services, I offer a plethora of convenience services to help make this aspect of your big day less stressful. The convenience to you is of value and therefore has a tangible cost behind that service.

  • Paper and material costs are calculated into your pricing as well. Every paper product, drop of wax, silk ribbon, vellum wrap, etc comes at a cost to the client as well. Think of it as ordering your cake, you’re not just purchasing the cake itself but you’re paying for the flour, sugar, icing, etc that makes up that cake.

  • Sales taxes and fees. With any tangible product, you must pay sales tax and, we, in turn have to pay taxes on our profit.

How to avoid sticker shock

First thing, you need to decide if you want a custom piece or if you’re okay with settling on a pre-made design. This should be the basis for your budget and knowing what you can and cannot afford. Be clear with your budget to your stationer, if you’re going custom. Oftentimes, the stationer’s prices are non-negotiable so let them know ahead of time what you can and are willing to pay. The designers are pros at what they do and can help you find items to work with your budget or offer guidance.

Research! Knowing up front the costs of some paper pieces is key. Letterpress and foil will always be top of the pricing tier as these print processes are more time consuming in not only production but file setup and design. Also understanding paper and the different factors involved with paper can be helpful.

Is it worth it?

Of course, I will say yes! (But I’m biased.) However, knowing your guests will gush over the art piece delivered to them is the greatest joy not only in knowing they are beautiful pieces of work, but are truly one-of-a kind!