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It’s been a passion project of mine to illustrate the largest collection of wedding venues that call Louisiana home. The current collection contains 26 of Louisiana’s most popular wedding venues and counting. 

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Each file is a hi-res PNG file with a Personal Use License.

A whole lotta love and time goes into each one of my drawings which is why this is sold as a Personal Use License. Personal Use is defined as using the Digital File in a manner that has no potential monetary gain. Personal Use projects cannot be related to any business, non-profit, or other organization of any kind. All purchased Items may be used in an unlimited number of Personal Use Projects. Examples of Personal Use include: using a graphic to create t-shirts for a family reunion, using a template to create a birthday card that you send in celebration of a friend's special day, using a photo in a piece of wall art that you create for a family member as a gift (no money changes hands), etc.

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